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Home     Pet - Towel 45 x 66 cm
Pet - Towel 45 x 66 cm

Pet - Towel 45 x 66 cm

45 x 66 cm

Extremely suitable for shammying and / or wiping your dog, also for cleaning dirty paws.

No wet or dirty towels anymore !!

The Pet-Towel has to be put away moisty in a special cylinder, thus always easy at hand.

Way of using:
* always ready-to-use because it is stored in a special cylinder
* usable in combination with hot, cold or soapy water
* can be cleaned in the washing machine (70 degrees)

€ 12.50

Article code: P4566


The Pet-Towel takes ca. 500 / 600 CC water.
Lifecycle about 5 years.
The Pet-Towel is antistatic